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Vixen Games now online.

Vixen Games is now finally online. In addition to opening up the main website, we have a big announcement below, our first game!

August 15, 2012 - About time for an update, eh?

Sorry for being so silent over the years, lots of real life stuffs going on. Lost one job, finally got another... blah blah... Anyway, got some major changes to tell you all about. First, Catalia Fighter is now on hold. Don't fret tho, we have a Catalia Action game in the works! Lots of pages got a much needed overhaul, there's some new concept art up, as well as an overview of this game's planned features. Additionally, I have a you tube video up showing off the camera I coded in. In other news, I just got another local programmer to help me bang out this games code! Hopefully I can actually start posting more updates now. =3

July 15, 2010 - Getting back in gear

Trying to pull the team back together to get things rolling. For details check the Dev Blog.

December 13, 2009 - Unreal Update!

With the realease of the new UDK from Epic Games, Vixen Games will now use Unreal Engine 3 as the base for Catalia Fighter. Development on the training level has already started and is going much faster then with the previous engine. For details check the Dev Blog.

March 19, 2009 - Catalia Fighter (Working Title)

Vixen Games is proud to announce its very first project: a true 3D furry weapon based fighting game, under the code name Catalia Fighter. It shall include many features such as breakable weapons, multi tiered battlefields and flashy, powerful super moves. Currently, Catalia Fighter is very early in development. We are in pre-alpha stage with some concept art and early screen shots. A demo will be on its way in the months to come.

Catalia Fighter takes place in the titular world of catalia, a world where magic and technology meet on the battlefield. Taking control of a member of one of the three major world factions as their fates are intertwined with a dragoon who has stolen the ancient magic artifact known as the Magier Krone.

Developer Blog Follow the progess and development of our games here! I will try to update this at least weekly, so you all can know just where we are at.

Concept Art We have a few nice character concepts here. Character profiles and stages are cooming soon.

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