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Hey sorry for the lack of, well... anything on this lately. I have been working my tech support job and playing too many games XD

Anyways there are a few updates on Catalia Fighter. Tigsie has the UDK and should be working on some models when she has time. I have been playing around with the latest UDK and the new Scaleform UI will be quite fun to work with. I have also found the needed functions for the camera code, just need to execute it. Next steps will be modifying controls and getting the basic anims and attacks working.

Still not dead yet,

UE3 and more screens/videos soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates... again. I have been fairly busy with work and RL stuff (not to mention all the new games out now). BUT! I have some great news. Like we said on the front page, UE3 is now in my hands and it ROCKS! I have yet to type ANY code and have the camera positioned mostly right, cinematics playing at the beginning to the level for character intros, and I even have a nice effect for Syl's plasma claws. Look for some screens and possibly a youtube video in the next few months.


Indie licence and more arts!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have some very good news for you all! I have purchased an Indie licence from NeoAxis, so we will use this to make Catalia Fighter for sure. There have been a few updates since i last worked on the code so I will mainly work on porting our stuff over to the new 0.81 engine. Also be sure to check out the art gallery as there are more concepts for youu~



Horray! I made some good progress on camera code today, things are starting to look alot more like a fighing game. =D Next steps are going to be getting player 2 in the game proper and setting up teh camera to make sure both players are on screen. Arts are taking longer then expected, I'll let you all know as soon as I have them posted.


Back from FWA, team list and new search box

Annnnnd I'm back from FWA (Furry Weekend Atlanta)! Had a great time hanging out with all the furs there, and my cow fursuit, Claire, was super popular. The team list page has been started, but only myself and Stealth are listed so far. Also, you may have noticed the new search box, its not totally functional yet, but I'm working on it. Look for new concept arts soon!


Website up and test model ingame!

Hi all you fuzzy peoples! Sylvia here, welcome to our full site. Feel free to click around, but keep in mind that some secions are still being made. Our first update on Catalia Fighter is about the test model. This model is very basic looking, and is mainly used to test animations to ensure that everythign lines up. You can see a screenshot of the test model in 3d Studio Max in our screenshots gallery. That's about it for the blog this week, check back next week for a post FWA report and some info on our artist team!


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