Vixen Games

Team List

See all the furs that are making the games!


Sylvia - Team Lead & Lead Progammer

Stealth - Lead Writer and World Creator

Teidar - Tech Concept Artist

Kaichanti - Steampunk Concepts and Texture Artist

Shiromadoshi - Magic Concept Artist

Wonderduck - Color Concepts and Comic Art

Care - Writer

Drayko - Level Designer

Beatrix - Programmer
No picture yet
1dimensional - 3d Models
No picture yet
Dark Luna - Level Design and Music

Xander the Blue - Lead Animator

Shale - Animatons and Game Design

Lysette - Lead Voice Actor
No picture yet
RaidenXX - Additional Art

Griff aka Manbearpig - PR and Website Artist
No picture yet
Liani - Weapon Design and UI
No picture yet
Droxious - Writer

Soul Drawer - 3D Character Models

Tigsie - Art/3D Character Models/3D Animation
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